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X Factor’s Matt Cardle And The Balloon Of Condoms


Literally Matt Cardle is posing with the balloon of the condoms and he’s doing it for a good cause. He is just showing his support to to 18-year-old trained sex and relationships peer Shereece Marcantonio who has been leading a campaign about the promotion of sex education.

They posed outside the posing outside the Parliament to raise awareness of the need for better sex education for children. “Having looked at shereece’s campaign on the battlefront website, it was great going along with her on the day that she presented all her research to the ministers and being able to show my support. I think what she is doing is great,” Cardle said.

Channel 4 show Let’s Talk About Sex will be featuring Marcantonio. It will be part of the channel’s Battlefront series. Accordingly, 56% of school kids are most likely to learn about sex from their friends rather than a teacher and 82% want sex and relationships education to come from a trained young person.

Cradle’s fame after winning X Factor last year allowed him to draw a number of fans who looked up him. Being part of a fruitful campaign such this is a great way of using someone else’s influence to the youth.

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