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Albert Pujols Offered $200 Million to join Miami Marlins


Albert Pujols might be the lucky player for the day as reports are saying that he will get a huge contract just to join the Miami Marlins, but the team will sign the three-time NL MVP still remains unconfirmed. And Albert Pujols might now be considered as the baseball’s new Big Fish.

“He’s not the only guy,” Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria said Tuesday with regards to Albert Pujols, trailed by media whenever he walked the hallways.

The negotiation with the teams is still unclear and some teams are even wondering how close the Marlins were to an agreement with Albert Pujols on a deal that could be worth $200 million or more over 10 years.

Apparently, St. Louis reported that it has already submitted a new offer Tuesday just to keep Albert Pujols. Apparently, agents for other players said that hey had heard that the Angels were also bidding for Pujols.

“I know the ownership group is putting their best foot forward and trying to do everything that they can to make this possible,” new Cardinals manager Mike Matheny told the Christian Science Monitor, “but I also know it’s a complicated decision on both sides. There’s a lot going on, a lot that I’m not even involved in, but I think it’s clear to say that the St. Louis Cardinals would love to have Albert, and we’ll see how it all plays out.”

Now, that the teams are said to be pressuring Pujols and agent Dan Lozano of which agreement they might considered as soon as possible. Those who are close to the situation are expected Pujols to make decision in less than 24 hours.

What do you think? Do you think Alber Pujols will grab the Miami Marlins offer or not?


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