Manny Pacquiao’s Membership Application to Exclusive Club Denied


Manny Pacquiao would probably have to play golf (or polo) elsewhere. Reports have it that the pound-for-pound king’s membership application to both the Manila Polo Club and the Manila Golf Club have been denied.

Speculations as to why the said applications have been denied have been swirling, some hinting at Pacquiao’s lack of ‘pedigree’ despite being a certified billionaire and proud homeowner of a newly acquired property in Forbes Park.

However, a board member of the Manila Golf Club who spoke to clarified one thing: Pacquiao submitted an application to Manila Polo Club and not to the Manila Golf club.

When asked for the possible reason why Pacquiao’s application was disapproved, this board member said, “It’s a small club in a small village. They want to preserve a lifestyle.”

Translation: The problem could be Pacquiao’s penchant to bringing a whole entourage with him wherever he goes.

The board member cited the case of The Manila Golf Club’s two honorary members—the Philippine President and the mayor of Makati City. They, too, are not permitted to bring along bodyguards.

The board member relates that there was one instance when former President (now Pampanga representative) Gloria Macapagal Arroyo wanted to play golf, but was not allowed to be accompanied by a bodyguard.

So, it is not the ‘pedigree’ that is the problem — it is Pacquiao’s posse.

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    Hahaha! Too bad for Pacquiao.


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