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Famous celebrities like to play beloved age-old games


If you like to play bingo (who doesn’t?) then you already know you’re not alone in participating in what is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most beloved age-old card games in the history of mankind.

Having said that, normal, everyday bingo players might be surprised to know that many of the famous celebrities they love to see in films, television or on stage, also love the timeless game of bingo as much as they do, if not more so.

That’s right avid bingo players, you’re not alone in your passion to cash in – or your zest to conquest – and speaking of conquests – did you know that former U.S. President Bill Clinton loves a good game of bingo?

Well, Clinton does – and so do numerous celebrities across the pond where bingo is equally as big – if not more so – than on U.S. soil.

Do you like daytime television and ‘new’ ‘CW’ star Jeremy Kyle?

If you’ve taken a fancy to Kyle’s fun-filled, thrill-a-minute television show like I have, then you should know the ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ talk show host also loves to look for the good ‘ol B-I-N-G-O when he’s not on air ‘giving someone the business.’

Want to know some more celebs that like to play bingo?

Okay then, here are two whoppers … Catherine Zeta Jones and Kate Moss.

When the two knockout silver screen actresses aren’t making men across the globe swoon with their runway model looks, they’re probably camped out in some local bingo hall in an ingenious disguise or sitting behind a computer at home kicking some bingo butt.

Zeta-Jones is also know to host some big-time celebrity bingo parties, so if you’re ever in the neighborhood …

So, which other stars like to play bingo?

That’s easy.

How about the beautiful Elle MacPherson, Sharon Osbourne – or maybe Bianca, Jade or Mick of the Jagger family clan.

Another celebrity that likes to ‘get his bingo on’ is superstar UK singer Robbie Williams, an avid 90-ball bingo player. When Williams isn’t on tour, ‘bingo paparazzi spies’ say he can be found either hosting a bingo party or playing at one of the coolest bingo halls in the UK.

In the end, ‘regular’ bingo players probably shouldn’t be surprised that even celebrities love playing the timeless and still wildly popular game of bingo – seeing as how it was around long before they ever became stars – and remains one of the most exciting and fun-filled card games of all-time to this very day.

So, remember, the next time you’re out and about, don’t be surprised to see your favorite celebrity pulling up a chair next to you just waiting to yell out Bingo!

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