Kris Humphries Try to Move on from Kim Kardashian Split Up


Kris Humphries has been quite since his last split up from Kim Kardashian, according to some entertainment news and reviews. And finally, the soon to be ex-husband of the Keeping Up with The Kardashians lead stars has opened up and revealed his real feeling trying to convince the public that he is moving forward and starting to let go Kim.

Apparently, Kim Humphries has remain mum about his split up from Kim Kardashian, but recently paid a visit to The Today Show, where Kris Humphries told the host “Through everything Im just focused on family and preparing for basketball. Basketball has always been something I’ve taken really serious and I continue to do that and I am just moving forward.

In his first interview since the news of the split up, Kris Humphries refused to comment whether or not he still love Kim Kardashian, but he did add of all the gossip: “I am focused on just what I can control. I don’t really play into all the gossip and things that take place, but that’s life”

Right now, Humphries is very busy with his foundation, and hoping to be back to the NBA soon. For the meantime, Kris is also doing on creating his ultimate man cave, thus will be able to be featured on an upcoming episode of DIY’s Man Caves.

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