Angelina Jolie Shares Her Son’s Fish Pedicure Experience


Hollywood superstar ANGELINA Jolie has found a new way to entertain her growing sons.

She sent her eldest sons,Maddox and Pax for fish pedicures.

Angelina Jolie- who rears six children with long-time partner Brad Pitt, shares her moments with her two eldest son,says,his 10-year-old Cambodian son Maddox and seven-year-old Vietnamese son Pax were “hysterical” with laughter when they had the treatment, which sees small fish eat away dead skin from the soles of the feet.

“I hung out with the kids. Usually we have swim class in the morning for the twins, then art class. The boys got this crazy fish pedicure,” Jolie said.

“There are fish here that eat the dead skin off your feet and I thought it would be fun to send the boys. They were in hysterics, they said it was ticklish.

“The rest of us hung out at the house. We have a nice house, and swim and paint and play with the turtle. There’s a turtle.”

Picture Perfect

The whole Brangelina pack may have been photographed a million times during their leisure and travel outings tightly packed are sometimes sent in the care of other people so they may learn while having fun and to enjoy “authentic” experiences.

“The kids have been learning about the history of Malta and going to the catacombs,” she said.

“I wanted them to have the full experience of traditional tourism, so I let them go without me.”

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