Jon Bon Jovi Testifies He is Still Alive


An internet hoax is spreading saying that the rockstar Jon Bon Jovi is already dead, a photo of Jon Bon Jovi came up on Monday, December 19, 2011 to prove that he is 100% alive. Apparently, at a concert Monday night in New Jersey, Jon Bon Jovi joked about the incident. “He referred to the hoax several times, and even pantomimed taking phone calls from concerned friends checking to see if he was still alive,” according to reports.

Accordingly, Bon Jovi’s Twitter feed posted this message : “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey” -jbj. Rest assured that Jon is fine!” The hoax report that Bon Jovi died appears was copied in part from a 2009 Los Angeles Times story that announced the death of Michael Jackson.

At the photo below, Jon Bon Jovi was reportedly captured by his photographer friend, David Bergram to prove that he is alive.

After the said photo, being released in the internet, the story had changed some words and addition details, falsely reporting that Bon Jovi died in New Jersey during a world tour. In addition to the report, an international newspaper stressed out that it was only looking into the issue but emphasized that the newspaper was not involved in the false report.



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