Elin Nordegren Demolishes $12 Million Home for Economical Reasons?


For a very private woman who suffered one of the world’s most humiliating cheating scandals, Elin Nordegren waited a long time to explode, some reports said. Elin Nordegren, former wife of popular professional golfer Tiger Woods, who has custody of their two young children, bought a massive, 17,178 square foot Florida House in March for $12.2 million located just 10 miles from Tiger Wood’s expansive estate on Jupiter Island.

But according to TMZ report, rather than moving the kids into the Florida Mansion, Elin Nordegren decided she did not like the place and had it demolished. Nordegren has moved on, thanks to the $100 million divorce settlement. According to TMZ, Nordegren has hired a “high-priced architect to build her dream home” and each of the additional workers hired are required to sign confidentiality agreements.

On the other hands, People reports that her old place wasn’t up to code when it comes to hurricane safety, which is obviously a priority in North Palm Beach, Florida. The renovations required to make the house hurricane-safe would have cost more than simply starting from scratch.

Furthermore, termites and carpenter ants also plagued the home, though those were discovered by Habitat for Humanity volunteers who came to the impressive mansion to collect cabinets, fixtures, and hardware before Nordegren demolished it. (She gave the charitable organization four weeks to raid her home of its expensive fixtures.)

“When we pulled out the windows, the bugs were everywhere,” says Blodgett.

“To rebuild that house would have been ridiculous. We’re so grateful to Elin. It’s rare we get this kind of donation.”

Elin Nordegren, who celebrated her 32nd birthday on New Year’s Day, is living now in a nearby rental home with her two children, Sam and Charlie, while construction on her new home is ongoing.



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