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Kris Aquino May Take a Leave From "The Buzz" Due to Ruffa's Walkout


kris aquinoAfter the Ruffa Gutierrez walkout on “The Buzz” that had dragged the name of Noynoy Aquino into the issue due to the insensitive remarks of her mom Annabelle Rama,  and now Kris Aquino said that she is willing to take a leave from the show if ever the management asks it from her, despite her act of asking for apologies to the Gutierrezes.

Kris shared her thoughts about this during an interview with ABS-CBN News:

Many people can, of course, take my place. And if management does decide it’s for the best, then I would gladly abide by kung ano ang sabihin ng ABS-CBN. It’s not like kulang naman ako sa trabaho kasi nag-uumapaw naman kaya maraming salamat.

This statement stems from some unverified reports that there are people who are asking for Kris to be removed from “The Buzz”.

The Renegade Blogger’s Take on this:  Damn!  Why take a leave when the immaturity of some people at the same time the lack of good manners of a mom who joins in the petty misunderstanding of her daughter was the real source of this whole issue?  As far as most people is concerned and the review of that particular episode, there is non that could indeed really warrant such a drastic measure for Kris to take a leave from the show just to appease the camp of Rama who aimed its big guns to an innocent presidential bet and hit the Aquino Family below the belt.

Some commenters on this blog even brought the issue that the whole thing may have even be a publicity stunt for Ruffa as she is transferring to TV5.

Rama has been like this, and if there is someone who should be banned from showbiz or censored by authorities, it should be Annabelle Rama who is a bad influence more so not a role model to all televiewers everytime she unlocks the gates of her mouth.

What do you think guys?  Should Kris take a leave from “The Buzz” and is it reasonable?

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  1. cee_jay says:

    what???? I BEG TO DISAGREE! why should Kris leave “Buzz?” my goodness, the show will never be the same again without her. I agree that why should she suffer the immaturities of other uneducated people?

    tsaka, who the hell are they (Gutierrez’)? Paging ABS-CBN management, wag nyo pong patulan itong c Annabelle and Ruffa. Dapat sa kanila ay i-BAN sa telebisyon!

    i am for TEAM Krissy! 🙂

  2. cee_jay says:

    Hi Elmot,

    Just read Ricky Lo’s Funfare column (philstar.com) today. Ruffa has accepted Kris’ apology.
    Here’s Ruffa’s full statement:

    Let us move forward with dignity and honor. Love, love, love! Peace, peace, peace! God bless us all!

    I was reluctant to make a statement regarding such a small incident but since I felt the need to defend myself against unwanted rumors and ayoko na pong palakihin ito, I am saying my piece.

    First of all, I hold Tito Boy (Abunda) and Kris in such high regard as professional mentors.

    Secondly, I wasn’t reacting to just the video clip shown wherein Kris remarked, “Aminin mo, mas masaya dito.” Hindi naman po ako mababaw at pikon na tao. I always conduct myself as a professional to let small matters such as that bother me. That being said, the reason why I reacted that way, seemingly OA or not, is because aside from being understandably emotional since it was my last two episodes in The Buzz, the series of condescending remarks noticed by viewers through the years which I have constantly brushed off in the spirit of “pakikisama” also took a toll on me.

    I invite you to view replays of past episodes on-line and you will understand exactly where I’m coming from. Offcam, sometimes Kris acknowledged my presence and other times (like that Sunday, March 7), I would be ignored.

    I didn’t “walk out.” After what I thought was a commercial break, I felt tears were starting to well up. I went back to my dressing room to compose myself. But the tears wouldn’t stop.

    Thirdly, my mom has nothing personal against Sen. Noynoy and the Aquino family. She never attacked the good senator’s character. Just like you and I, my mom has her own perspective and we should respect that. After all, we do live in a democracy.

    Lastly, in the spirit of unity and as a nod to our long tenure on The Buzz, I appreciate and accept Kris’ public apology. I will always remember my three years on The Buzz with great fondness. I will miss everyone dearly!

    (Note: Ruffa’s mom Annabelle Rama has also accepted Kris’ apology. As the cliché goes, all’s well that ends well. Added Ruffa, “I just want to make a graceful exit.”)

  3. cherry says:

    we love you kris…………..love ka namin dito sa mindanao,pagadian city


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