Jan Brewer and President Barack Obama Encounter in Controversy


As what the image show and becoming viral today, Gov. Jan Brewer’s index finger has mark an instant controversy over the internet. Apparently, the infamous Associated Press photo of Brewe wagging her finger at President Barack Obama, become the main highlights of some blogs and sites and even political cartoons across the nation.

Apparently, Jan Brewer was trending nationally on Twitter Thursday and she was the #3 most searched word on Google Thursday, and the 12th most searched Friday.

Now that a new petition has called Gov. Jan Brewer to apologize to President Obama has been posted online by the Arizona’s state Democratic Organization.

The said petition, called Brewer Doesn’t Speak For Me! comes in response to a verbal altercation the two politicians had Wednesday at an airport outside Phoneix.

“Have you had enough of Jan Brewer‘s embarrassing publicity stunts to promote her book?” the site asks. “Sign the petition and tell Brewer to apologize to President Obama for her disrespectful display.”

In addition to the report, after Obama stepped off Air Force One onto the tarmac, he was met by Brewer, a Republican, who was greeted at the foot of the plane’s stairs not with good tidings but by his disappointment in the way her new book describes a meeting they had in the White House.

Now that the White house has officially gave their statement in the incident but confirmed to the AP that Gov Brewer has already given Pres. Obama the invitiation and that he would gladly meet with her once again.

According to other reports, the new petition asks that Jan Brewer apologize to Obama for the way the altercation went down, though Brewer herself has said she was the one who was met with hostility.

Governor Brewer, your actions this week toward President Obama were disgraceful and below the dignity of your office,” the petition states. “Your behavior has been an embarrassment to our state and tarnished what should have been a great day for Arizona. Please apologize to the president for your disrespectful stunt.”



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  1. Dave Templeton says:

    Brewer is one of the nations best Governors but I don’t know who the other guy is or what he stands for as all he ever does is campaign and cause racial tension. He needs to stay out of Arizona!


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