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Super Bowl 2012 will be live in NBC Sports


It will be the first time in the history of NFL and Super Bowl that the Super Bowl 2012 will now be available online via NBC Sports and NFL official website. It will be a great advantage for all the football fans out there because of the easy access on the much anticipated sporting event of the year.

The Super Bowl 2012 will be a rematch of the Super Bowl 2008 as the New England Patriots will meet the New York Giants. Eli Manning and Tom Brady will be the frontliners of the two teams as these are considered as the best quarterbacks in NFL league. Manning has proven a lot that he can elevate his game while Brady is the more experience one in past Super Bowls series.

Eli Manning is considered as the darling of NFL and you can expect a lot from him to field  and a lot of fans are asking about his brother seeing as how Eli will be playing in Peyton’s backyard. Brady, on the other hand is considered as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history and it’s his fifth Super Bowl to play.

Apparently, the New England Patriots is aiming for their fourth Super Bowl championship title for this time. They have recently qualified to the finals of Super Bowl after the 11 season with Belichick as their official coach. Furthermore, the Patriots’ AFC game wasn’t a Brady-game though where he end up TD-less. Lucky for him to have amazing teamplayers and some unsolicited Ravens’ faults

On the other hands, the New York Giants, qualified after beating the Patriots in their regular season game at NFL. The had a roller coaster of ups and downs this season including a stat of 7-7 with an embarrassing loss to the Washington Redskins last December 18.

And of course, the Super Bowl Media day will be sounds like the media to be on hot seat on topics between two teams participating in the Super Bowl for the sake of doing their journalistic duty.

The Super Bowl 2012 live stream will be broadcastede on NBC Sports and will be held live at the Lucas Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Super Bowl 2012 will have a kick off time of 6:30 PM ET.

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