Natasha Giggs Receives Death Threat Through Twitter


The Celebrity Big Brother star Natasha Giggs alerted the police of Greater Manchester when a user of a social networking site Twitter sent a message to her. A certain Jersey Justin, who branded himself as “Twitter’s first killer tweeter” has been sending death threat messages to Giggs and telling her friends to stay away from her for the next couple of days.

On his message, he said that “It amazes me you thought u could get away being a whore without punishment…the arrogance astounds me! your mistake! Some girls like Natasha are super fuckin’ whore and need to be killed off once and for all!!!” Allegedly, the 29 year old star had an affair with her football player brother – in – law Ryan Giggs which lasted for 8 years. This news was revealed when she joined the Big Brother Celebrity Edition late last year where she confessed in the show.

Supporters of the stars have read the messages and showed their concern on her. A police officer even tweeted saying “Hi, several people have tweeted us saying you’ve threatening tweets. We recommend u report it on 101 or 999 emergency.” Although the situation has been a little scary for her, she still tries to put a good face in front of the people. She thanked her fans for their support and stated that she would not let the incident affect her. She tweeted, “There are some seriously mentally deranged smack-rats on twitter…Proper little freaks!!! Thank u for the support tweeps muchos appreciated.”

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