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Super Bowl 2012 Live Stream: Giants scored first in the first quarter!


The Super Bowl heat is on as the New York Giants scored first in the first quarter. In the first few minutes of Q1, Tom Brady was flagged for intentional grounding in the end zone on the team’s first drive. That mistake or intentional mistake made the Giants 2 points ahead against the Patriots.

As the game progresses, the Giants scored once more! Now the updated score is 9-0 in favor of the New York Giants. Will Tom Brady and his team beat the Giants on the second quarter? The first quarter hasn’t ended yet. They can still cope up and beat the NY Giants before Q1 ends.

Tom Coughlin is really happy with his team’s performance tonight at the Lucas Oil Stadium. On the other hand, Bill Belichick needs to think of a new strategy to beat the Giants for the Super Bowl crown. What will happen in the next quarter? Geez, I hope the Patriots can still keep up with the Giants.

Eli Manning is doing great and Brady seems to be tired right now. I think Brady needs a rest so that he can pass more yards than Manning. As of this very moment, Manning passed 77 yards, while Brady passed only 43 years.

The 2nd quarter has just started and this seems to be the Patriots’ quarter. The New England Patriots scored first in the 2nd quarter. The update score now is 9-3, still in favor of the Giants.

More updates about the Super Bowl 2012 will be posted at Super Bowl Fan. Check out their website for more cool news and juicy updates on Super Bowl 46.

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