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Oldest Living Thing is a 200,000-year Old Seagrass in Mediterranean Sea


The oldest living thing was recently discovered to be that of a giant seagrass known as Posidonia oceanic. Researchers uncovered the age of this oldest living thing on earth by collecting samples of its DNA at 40 different sites over a span of 2,000 miles from Spain to Cyprus.

Based on the DNA test, the organisms showed ages ranging from 12,000 years to the oldest being 200,000 years old, with most of them likely being around 100,000-years-old. This is definitely older than the previously discovered oldest living thing species on earth belonging to that of a certain Tasmanian plant that is believed to be 43,000 years old.

Oldest Living Thing is a 200,000-year old seagrass

Prof Carlos Duarte, from the University of Western Australia, said that Posidonia oceanic now known as the oldest living thing, has been able to reach such an old age because it can reproduce asexually and generate clones of itself. In addition, it was also found out that the key attribute to their longevity is their ability to store nutrients in their long branches. Amazing!

Weighing 6,000 tons and stretching for 10 miles, the oldest living thing seagrass patches reproduce asexually and spread very slowly, eventually covering large areas. However, due to climate change, Duarte believes that the seagrass is on a decline. “If climate change continues, the outlook for this species is very bad,” he said.

The research was done by a group of scientists and was published on Plos One.

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  1. Dale Liston says:

    Amazing and how unscientific that every change in nature now is attributed to Climate Change. Where’s the science?

  2. Dr Nkwenge says:

    It is difficult to believe if this thing can reproduce itself.

  3. Burgers says:

    You had me till climate change.

  4. maori says:

    This is amazing, imagine something intelligent living this long.

  5. Kolton Williams says:

    And Only if Plants Could Talk.

  6. John says:

    OK, so we have a weed underwater outliving everything else…..SO WHAT?!?! How is this going to change my life or affect it in any way? What a waste!

  7. Peter B says:

    If this is really 200,000 years old, it’s survived LOTS of “climate change” – like two Ice Ages and a Volcanic Period.. I think it will survive the automobile industry…

  8. Jon says:

    I thought the oldest living thing was Abe Viggoda.


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