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Courteney Cox is not Ready for Another Relationship


American actress Courteney Cox is telling press that she is not ready for a new man after breaking up with husband David Arquette. She also confessed to The Howard Stern Show that she’s not even having sex with anybody since the split – up. ” I’m just not ready. I’m not saying I’m not ready to have a make – out session, I’m just not ready to – I don’t know. I’m not lying… I’ve never had a man since David. It’s been about a year. I have sexual feelings, there are ways to deal with that. But no guys asked me out.”

Although the ex – couple had already ended their relationship, they are still good friends. He is helping her to move on. ” He even says , Courteney, it’s time to get out there. He’s comfortable with whoever that would be.” she added.

The couple has a daughter, Coco, who’s 7 years old. The Friends actor is seven year younger than her and she revealed that she still likes younger men. ” I always considered myself lucky to be able to pull in a younger guy. I still like younger guys.

Courteney had dated several man including her step – cousin Ian Copeland. She also had a long – term relationship with Michael Keaton and Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz.

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