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Whitney Houston Songs Soar in Sales and Charts


Death is always an unfortunate event, more so, the death of a celebrity which is mourned by fans and followed the world over by even the simplest on-looker who just wants a piece of the most current news.

But, when a person dies not everyone really ‘mourns’ the passing, especially not someone or some company which stands to profit either from direct inheritance or unexpected gain from publishing rights or record sales.

Take the case of record label giant Sony Music which has increased the price of two Whitney Houston albums barely hours after the singer’s death had been confirmed, causing an automatic price increase on iTunes.

Sony later on tried to save face saying it was “mistakenly mispriced” and that the error was “immediately corrected” after it had been discovered.

Was it really just an honest mistake or was it because Houston fans decried the move as ‘shameful’ and ‘greedy’ over social network, Twitter?

Remember, the same thing happened to songs and albums of Amy Winehouse. Again, the ‘culprit’ claimed it was all a simple mistake.

Since Whitney’s untimely death, her record sales saw a major boost in the US and the UK. And, one other entity set to gain full benefit from it all is Dolly Parton. The country singer wrote Whitney’s iconic ‘I Will Always Love You’ back in 1973, almost two decades before Houston recorded it for the movie, ‘The Bodyguard’.

According to reports, since Parton owns the song she stands to earn a hefty sum of money as the No. 1 hit is expected to top the iTunes singles chart.

“When Whitney did it, I got all the money for the publishing and for the writing, and I bought a lot of cheap wigs,” Parton was quoted as saying in an interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

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