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Drew Barrymore’s Pinot Grigio


Leave the perfume line, clothing labels and the big variety of beauty products to the Kardashians and the slew of Hollywood celebrities who follow in their footsteps hoping to get their share of the fame-powered business ‘empire’, Drew Barrymore will have none of those.

The actress slash movie producer would like to pursue a different route to gain success in this consumer-driven economy – fine Italian wine.

Presenting, Drew Barrymore’s very own Pinot Grigio.

Yup, former ‘Charlie’s Angel’ star and producer, actress Drew Barrymore has teamed up with California-based wine distributor Wilson Daniels to create a crisp, dry and fruity white Pinot Grigio — made from the finest grapes from northern Italy.

The newly-engaged Barrymore says, “Wine is all about the journey, the discovery of new places and new varieties. I’m excited about sharing this Pinot Grigio with my friends and family and other wine lovers.”

Barrymore’s 2011 Pinot Grigio features her family’s crest and is set to hit US stores later in the year.

The ’50 First Dates’ star is actually not the only Hollywood personality to venture into the wine business — other celebrities have also launched their own ranges, like musician Dave Matthews and rock group AC/DC.

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