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Kevin Hart Takes MVP Trophy At NBA Celebrity Game


They say that amazing happens in the National Basketball Association. Just last year, Justin Bieber won the Most Valuable Player award at the Celebrity Game of the NBA All-Star Weekend with eight points and four rebounds. This time it was five-foot-two actor and comedian Kevin Hart who earned the nod to become MVP of the Celebrity Game on Friday night.

The East beat the West, 86-54, but the scores hardly mattered as Hart stood out despite the presence of East coach Dwight Howard and Kevin Durant coaching for the West team.

It was clear from jump ball that Hart wanted that award. Yes, the guy clearly did not have the size advantage but he sure knew how to work up the crowd. Social media was going crazy during the game as Hart played on and off the basketball court.

As Hart received the MVP trophy, the comedian said “sometimes being MVP isn’t about points, Stuart. It’s about what you do for your team.”

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