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Taylor Swift Declines Prom Date Invite


Kevin McGuire asked his music idol Taylor Swift to be his prom date in June this year through Facebook. What started as a teenage dream may just happen for the 18-year-old after all. Swift turned him down but asked him to be her date at the Academy of Country Music Awards in April.

What makes the 18-year-old kid from Somerdale, New Jersey special? McGuire has been battling leukemia since the age of 13. There were signs of recovery two years ago but a relapse has made him battle the ‘big C’ once again.

Kevin tried living a normal teenage life throughout his battle with leukemia. His sister Victoria was so impressed by his character that she started a Facebook campaign asking Swift to be her brother’s prom date. Thousands responded to the campaign upon learning of Kevin’s situation until Swift herself responded to Victoria’s request.

Swift had to politely decline but she tried to make it up to Kevin in her response, “I was wondering, the ACM Awards are coming up.. Would you be my date?”
Kevin accepted the invite from Swift, provided that he would be well enough by April 1 when the ACM Awards takes place. He is currently in bed at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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