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Director Woody Allen Won Again After 25 Years


American screenwriter, director and actor Woody Allen received an award for Best Original Screenplay last Sunday in the 84th Academy Awards.

For the last two and a half decades, Allen wasn’t able to get an award even if his movies were nominated to the Oscars. Others think that his anxiety – filled films like Annie Hall and Manhattan were over, but then again he proved them wrong.

Last year, Allen created Midnight Paris who is played by Owen Wilson. The story is all about a Hollywood screenwriter who fell in love with Paris.

Allan Stewart Konisberg was born in The Bronx and was raise in Brooklyn. He started writing gags in high school to earn money. he became a full time writer at the age of 19 for Herb Shriner. Among his famous writing are Candid Camera, The New Yorker, Getting Even, Without Fears and Side Effects. He started directing a film in 1966 entitled What’s Up, Tiger Lily?

Mia Farrow had a relationship with Allen for 12 years. Farrow is included in 13 of his movies. Their relationship ended when Farrows’s adopted child Soon Yi Previn and Allen had a relationship. The couple were married in 1997 and had 2 adopted kids.

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