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Mila Kunis and the Marine Ball


Love ain’t so jaded for Mila Kunis after all. The lovely star, who once appeared in Aerosmith’s music video Jaded and is working on a movie entitled Friends with Benefits co-starring Justin Timberlake, is recently receiving lots of attention in the entertainment world these days after she got a Youtube invitation to a Marine corps ball. She previously hit the headlines after doing a bombastic acting job on The Black Swan with Natalie Portman.

Sgt. Scott Moore’s efforts to ask her out had paid off, indeed. Moore is a sergeant stationed in Afghanistan. He even enlisted public assistance in helping spread the word loudly enough that it could reach Mila Kunis.  His Youtube date invitation immediately started trending online and gained a national following from enthusiasts waiting for the lovely star’s answer. Most of them hoped she’d say yes, while there are some sour graping guy fans who wished they had the guts and the military chutzpah to pull it off in the same way that Sgt. Moore did. He got something better than an email at gowithmemila@gmail.com, he got a public declaration on a national interview.

Few people would actually go to that extreme length to ask a person out. Sgt. Moore’s action was praised by many fans and criticized by some. Fascinatingly, the invitation was direct to the point, something that one would expect from a person who has already the best and the worst in his job and has no more room for small talk, chitchat, or meaningless innuendoes. The cut to the chase approach paid off, so to speak. The pure masculine show of guts and sincerity brought in the glory of having a lovely date with a goddess-faced actress for their corps ball:

The message that Moore sent was simple but loud enough:

“Hi Mila! I just want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the Marine Corps. Ball with yours truly…”

Consequently, Mila Kunis was interviewed in FOX 411 regarding the remake of No Strings Attached. Co-star Justin Timberlake rooted for Sgt. Moore and coaxed Mila Kunis to do it for the country. They were jesting around and she even asked Timberlake if he will be coming along to the Marine Ball, too. But Justin only said: “They don’t want me. They want you!”

After a while, she said: “I’ll do it!”, making fans and supporters of Sgt. Moore all over the globe really happy. And I guess, the flattery of the military effort done just to reach her somehow made her say yes.

This highly publicized date is set on November 18 at Greenville, California. More than looking forward to the recent movie project, everybody’s excited to seeing this thing really happen in Greenville!

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Mila Kunis and the Marine Ball  



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