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Gerard Butler Out of Betty Ford Center


Gerard Butler has gone home and is reportedly in good health after spending three weeks at the Betty Ford Center in California.

The Hollywood actor and ‘The Bounty Hunter’ star was released from the center last February 24 after receiving treatment for substance abuse problems in the last three weeks.

His representative, Rupert Fowler, was quoted as saying, “Gerard has completed a successful course of treatment and has returned home in good health.”

Butler entered the facility after realizing he was becoming dependent on the prescription drugs which he initially took to combat the pain, soreness and numerous injuries brought about by the physically demanding movie, ‘300’ which he shot way back in 2006. .

Doing the movie, ‘Of Men and Mavericks’ did not help because the 42-year old actor was again badly hurt in December during a surfing accident.

Butler was said to have cheated death by seconds when he was trapped underwater after being hit by a series of waves.

He was immediately taken to shore and driven to Stanford Medical Center where he was kept under observation for one night.

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