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‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow’ For Katie Holmes?


In any Hollywood red carpet event, a celebrity is only as good as his or her last ‘look’. Hence, that precious few minutes on the red carpet can entail months of preparation and tedious styling on the day itself for a star to look absolutely perfect… a whole production in itself really. And, we are talking about just one celebrity.

But thanks to clip-ins and hair pieces, any Hollywood stalwart can show up looking like nothing close to how he or she looked the day before.

If hair extensions were the in thing last year, this year is the year of clip-ins… clip-in bangs in particular. Take it from Katie Holmes.

Holmes received praises for her polished look at the Vanity Fair Oscar party decked out in a beautiful and sleek Elie Saab blue gown, with husband Tom Cruise as arm-candy, and a fringe of brown bangs combed smoothly over her forehead with the rest of her long locks pulled back in a ponytail.

But, the look lasted only one night.

Merely days after the Oscars, the 33-year-old celebrity mom was seen in casual dress at a dance class, and the bangs were gone.
The secret behind the two looks? A clip-in hairpiece to give her bangs for the night.

‘InStyle’ pointed out, Holmes had bangs and a bob in 2008 and spent years growing them out. The hairpiece is the perfect compromise: bangs for a day without the wait or pain of an awkward hairdo.

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