Justin Bieber Already Thinking of Kids at 18


Oh baby, baby, talk about planning for the future.

The ‘Baby’ hit-maker turned 18 barely a week ago but this early he is talking about hopes to have children before he turns 30.

Bieber is seriously looking way ahead into the future, that even though he just turned 18 he is already open to discussing his plans for a family. He was quoted as saying, “I see myself in 10 years having a family. 28, that’s a good time to really have a family because I want to be a young dad. Maybe, [it’s a] long time away though. Don’t get any ideas, people. It’s not happening anytime soon,”

Bieber also said that he is looking forward to have more independence now that he is 18, but jokingly added that his mother will not be too pleased with that.

Justin officially turned 18 last Thursday and he celebrated his coming of age with a surprise bash on Friday night featuring all his closest A-list pals.

Bieber reportedly spent the night partying with celebs including girlfriend Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Mike Tyson, Ashley Tisdale and Cody Simpson among others.

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