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Kim Kardashian Donates Double What Wedding Gifts Were Worth


When life hands you lemons, what would you do with it, rub it into your open wound?

Certainly not what Kim Kardashian would do. When married life handed her lemons Kim decided to make lemonade out of them.

The reality star and her now ex-husband Kris Humphries had a very much publicized and expensive wedding that naturally everyone who was someone in Hollywood who attended had given them a pretty expensive gift as well… based on the gifts the former couple themselves identified and listed down on their bridal registry, of course.

Bottom line, the former mister and missus received about $100,000 worth of wedding gifts for their August wedding. And, since they famously called it quits after just 72 days, with Kardashian filing for divorce Oct. 31, it was but natural for them to return the gifts – and that is exactly what Kim did… and more.

Well, she did not return the actual gifts. Instead, she wrote all of her wedding guests a thank-you note and told them that the money for every gift she received at her wedding has been donated to the Dream Foundation.

And, a source confirms to that Kardashian wrote a check to the foundation doubling the value of her expensive wedding gifts.

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