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Whitney’s Last Will Surfaces


“And I will always love you. I will always love you. You, my darling you.”

That might as well have been the final and unspoken message Whitney Houston wants to convey to her only daughter Bobbi Kristina — as she leaves her with everything she had in this life via a trust.

Whitney signed her last will and testament on February 3, 1993, about a month before she even gave birth to her daughter with Bobby Brown. And, while the pop superstar did not mention specific items or assets, she put down on her will that all of her furnishings, clothing, personal effects, jewelry and cars are to go to her surviving children. Bobbi Kristina is the only child she had.

According to ‘Inside Edition’, Houston’s money will be put in a trust with her sister-in-law and manager, Patricia Houston, being appointed as the administrator of the estate.

Upon turning 21, Bobbi Kristina will receive part of the money, another part at age 25 and the balance at age 30. The will also states that Houston’s trustees can give Bobbi Kristina money from the trust for various purposes, including tuition, to buy a home or to start a business.

Make your momma proud, Bobbi Kristina.

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