Eddie Murphy’s ‘A Thousand Words’


Opening this weekend is the latest comedy film that stars Eddie Murphy and directed by Brian Robbins called ‘A Thousand Words’.

Murphy plays literary agent Jack McCall out chasing new age guru Dr. Sinja played by Cliff Curtis for his latest book. Jack uses his gift of gab to make a living and thought he could use the same trick on the guru.

That encounter between Jack and Dr. Sinja is followed by a tree mysteriously popping out of the agent’s yard. A leaf falls off for every word that Jack speaks. Sinja realizes the spiritual connection that Jack dies if the tree loses all its leaves. Sinja seeks help from other gurus leaving Jack for three days on his own dealing with publishers for the book, his nagging wife and demented mother without uttering a word.

Overall, the film falls short of expectations for an Eddie Murphy film. The film tries to be a family-oriented film in true Murphy fashion in recent years but the move has somehow backfired for the comedian.

It has been a while since Murphy dished out a great performance comparable to ‘Trading Places’.

Ben Stiller’s ‘Tower Heist’ may have reminded viewers of the old Murphy but ‘A Thousand Words’ fails once again.

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