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Bobbi Kristina Changing to Kristina Houston?


When a woman wants to turn a new leaf in life, some degree of ‘cutting’ is always involved – hair gets cut to a totally different style, hemlines get cut to go higher, food intake gets cut so it becomes lesser…

But, Whitney Houston’s only daughter is pondering on a different type of ‘cutting’ – she wants to cut out her name, particularly those associated with her estranged father, Bobby Brown.

Various reports say that the distressed young lady, who stands to inherit everything Whitney Houston had and is expected to have posthumously by way of record sales, is ready to shed her father’s name and adopt the moniker, ‘Kristina Houston’ instead.

It is not clear what caused the father-daughter estrangement, but changing her name might free Kristina of her demons and help her start a new life and even a career in Hollywood like what she had planned while her mother was still alive.

Changing her name to Houston will also be a fitting tribute to her mother whom she obviously adored and idolized.

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