Jon Hamm’s Comments Taken Out of Context?


It seems that despite not having his own Twitter account, Jon Hamm has gotten wind of Kim Kardashian’s retort to his Elle UK magazine interview where he cited her as an example of how stupidity is being celebrated in Hollywood.

Kardashian fired back at Hamm through social networking site Twitter and said his remarks are “careless”. She then asked Hamm how someone who runs her own business, writes, designs and produces and is part of a successful show can be labeled as stupid.

To this, Jon Hamm said his words were taken out of context.

Jon told Access Hollywood that, “I think that my quote was a little bit misunderstood. I think that she’s — I’ve never met her. I would never say anything personal about anyone that I have not met.”

The 41-year-old “Mad Men” star further explained that his comments were more a commentary on the current state of society versus a personal attack against Kim.

“My quote was simply about that version of television and that version of American culture being celebrated and it’s not something that I particularly enjoy. But the quote was obviously taken out of context and you know, there you go.” Hamm added.

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