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Kris Aquino Apologized to Ruffa Gutierrez After "The Buzz" Walkout and Rama's Attacks


kris aquinoKris Aquino already apologized to Ruffa Gutierrez after the “The Buzz” walkout and hullabaloo last Sunday for which Ruffa’s mom Annabelle Rama pulled out her daughter from the show and spewed out some harsh words against Kris; and presidential aspirant Noynoy Aquino was dragged into the issue.

Annabelle after the fallout last Sunday aired out her view on GMA7 saying that people should not vote for Noynoy as their family through Kris had already come too proud even without yet winning the presidential seat.

Kris Aquino apologized to Ruffa Gutierrez saying:

I would like to extend a loving hug to Ruffa. I viewed the tape & although I still feel I gave my comment w/ affection, maybe it made her feel even worse because she’s now moving in a new direction,” she said in her text.

It is w/ Ruffa that I enjoyed a healthy working relationship with & I only have good words to say about her. To Ruffa, I sincerely apologize for causing u hurt. My brother Noynoy would like to add that we live in a democracy, one where we are very free to make our own choice for president.

Kris also extended her apologized to Annabelle Rama:

Hindi po ako mayabang, kaya ako nagpapakumbaba ngayon.

The whole issue stemmed from the segment on “The Buzz” last Sunday when Ruffa walked out due to Krissy’s interruption to her.

Now some people are starting to question Kris Aquino as becoming a liability to her brother’s presidential campaign.

What do you think of the whole issue, has Kris really erred last Sunday?  Does Annabelle Rama right into intruding into the situation and dragging Noynoy Aquino into a showbiz issue?

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  1. […] opinions and Kris’ domineering and insensitive remarks taking the best of what the two has.  Ruffa walked out of the “The Buzz”, canceled her last appearance and her mother as usual coming out to the defense of her daughter […]

  2. Ann says:

    This issue is very shallow and pathetic. Kris and Ruffa are both adults and should settle this like two mature adults. As for Anabelle Rama– GROW UP! No really Ms. Rama someday, and I hope soon that you will realize that you are the one destroying your childrens reputation for being such an immature, thick headed person. Dragging Noy Noy’s name into this showbiz nonsense just proves how uneducated you are with very very bad manners. Shame on you! For the Guttierrez kids, learn how to stand up for yourself, YO MAMA is not always right. Respect her as your mother but put some tape on her mouth if you must. Or maybe, this is just Anabelle Rama’s way of pulling Ruffa out of “Team NoyNoy” because she was offered a big amount of money by Manny Villar. Hmmmm… How much Ms.Rama? 10 million or 20 million?

  3. Elena says:

    Okay,I was watching THE BUZZ when that incident happen. In fairness to Kris Aquino, I think she made that comment out of care and meant that Ruffa stay in ABS-CBN. Annabelle Rama’s comment was uncalled for and very irrational, especially dragging Noynoy’s name in this showbiz issue.

    One more thing that got my attention was that info about Ruffa allegedly stayed and cried in a resto after she walked out from the show. I mean, what was her motive showing her emotions in public. I don’t know about her, but, if I’m upset and hurt I wouldn’t want the world to see it. And if I have my car, why would I like to go to a resto…or maybe I would have went home straight.

    • elmot says:

      I think I would have went home straight if I was really upset about what happened… eh sympre, hahabulin siya ng camera, extra air time din un, wahahaha!

      Uncalled for really, parang ang labas tuloy ni Annabelle ay walang pinag-aralan sa ginawa nya, or because she has a different candidate for the presidency that is why she is dragging Noynoy into a purely showbiz issue…

      Baka maging Malakanyang spokesperson siya kapag nanalo kandidato nya, wahhahaha!
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..How to Make Google Your BFF =-.

      • Dyrusa says:

        What made you think may pinag-aralan si Bisaya. Mal-edukada iyan at dating bold star na hinabol habol si Eddie Gutierrez para mapikot niya. Buong pamilya naman sila eh mga semi-literate. Kaya tignan mo ang mga cheap publicity stunts nila and disgusting dramas para lang makakuha ng attention. Sasabihin pa “sino daw si Kris”. Wala lang – si Kris lang naman ang Queen of Talk, erstwhile Presidential Daughter, one of the top endorsers in the Philippines, Ateneo Graduate, with a number of tv shows at present. Eh siya, sino siya????? Basagulera numero uno, walang breeding, at sobrang yabang (hindi si Kris). She maybe dripping with diamonds pero putik pa rin nasa loob.

      • elmot says:

        Thanks for the comment Dyrusa 😀

        That is indeed very unfortunate kasi anhin mo ang diamonds, fame at fortune kung wala ka namang breeding at tamang ugali. Wala din di ba?
        .-= elmot´s last blog ..Death is not the End of Everything, Even with your Bills =-.

  4. Row says:

    I think Ruffa was just a little bit too sensitive maybe she’s on her period, go take some MIDOL! Annabelle on the other hand, OMG take a chill pill and stop talking out of your butt you’re really giving your children a bad name!!! Let your children handle their issues and problems they are grown kids. I will suggest that you go back to school and take Etiquette 101 because you really need it. And Mr. Eduardo Gutierrez, where the heck are you and why do you allow your wife to react this way? Are you hidding under the bed? Can you please put some gorilla glue on your wifes mouth so she will stop talking out of her butt? She wears all nice jewelries, purses, and nice clothes, but, as soon as she opens her mouth that’s the end of it!

    It’s really a low blow having to drag Noynoy’s name on this, but only a creature named annabelle Rama would do such thing. I feel for the Aquino family, but I commend Kris for apologizing to the Gutierrez family you guys have a lot of class, good breeding ika nga nila!

    Well, I hope you guys can settle this soon. Life is too short to argue on petty BS.

    • elmot says:

      I too comment Kris for asking for apology despite the petty issue that is not really her fault, unfortunately Kris asking for an apology to a Mrs. Rama will only inflate her head all the more.

      May mens? wahahhaha! Meron pa ba un, El Niño na yun, LOL!

      I think joining in a petty issue of your children and not let them handle the issue themselves is bad parenting.

      Thanks for the comment Row 😀
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Sumpang Isinusumpa =-.

  5. amim says:

    I don’t think so.

  6. caa says:

    Ruffa’s emotion is out of control. She shouldn’t have walked out. Kudos to Kris for still lowering her pride and apologized for what had happened. Noynoy should have been left out of the picture, too bad Annabelle is too childish to realize this.

  7. Gift Cards says:

    Control your emotions Ruffa. This is your show and this is public. Act professionally.

  8. paparazi says:

    Kris- Pambansang Sugar Mommy

  9. CORPIO says:


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  13. jan geronimo says:

    Na El Niño na si Annabelle? Ahehehehe. Ganun ba un?

    Ang di ko maintindihan why was Ruffa so emotional about her leaving the show. I’m sure she made her decision to leave because she’s got a better deal with Channel 5. Maybe because she’d not share the spotlight with any other stars? Better contract? She should be happy instead.

    • elmot says:

      Exactly Bro, what’s with her? Hay naku, they will get heftier paycheck and has been reported a regular tenure of work at TV-5, so bakit iyak-iyakan at pikunun pa…wala namang nakakapikon dun.

      Iba ang init ng El Niño, ehehhehe!
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..How to Make Google Your BFF =-.

      • jan geronimo says:

        Ruffa’s new show will rise or fall on her own merits. Does she have jitters battling the Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda tandem? Magaling naman siyang host.

        And very creative. Biruin mo she’s leaving Channel 2 for the oompetition, pero she’s able to generate buzz for her new show at Cnannel 5? And even got an apology for Kris just for teasing her. Working colleagues and friends do that all the time.

        What did she expect from Kris? Crocodile tears? A marching band? The occasion did not warrant dramatics but celebration.

      • elmot says:

        And the most startling for me is she got a Kris Aquino apologizing to her and her family, though we all know that it was very petty of an issue at the same time, it was her mother who really made a bad move of muddling with the issue.

        Of course there are lots of factors in there, Noynoy was dragged into the issue and he is running for the presidency among others.

        But I think it should be Annabelle who is to ask for apology too, more than Krissy.
        .-= elmot´s last blog ..Sumpang Isinusumpa =-.

  14. fifi says:

    i think kris remains more of an asset than a liability in her brother’s campaign because she is a crowd drawer and people take her as she is. she’s the only tv personality i know who could get away with everything she does and say effortlessly. annabel’s outburst backfired because they never get the public sympathy. that is why ruffa is still with the buzz till march 14. hahaha!
    .-= fifi´s last blog ..those hateful online attacks =-.

  15. Capricorn says:

    hindi na ako mag eenglish tulad niyo.. haha,kay bisaya man ko pero maski bisaya ko wa ko ganahi sa gihimu ni anabelle rama.. unsa mana siya labaw pa sa pagka walay buot og way grado.. kaluod… kund idefend niya iyang anak sa tarong unta na pamaagi kanang formal dili ng murag taga bukid kay tarong man pud si kris aquino dili niya dapat in atuon… siya ra jud nakadala ug samuk ba apil2 kaau… nganung apilon man niya c noy2 daw bi? unsa may labot ni noi2 sa away nila ni kris mayg pareha na nimu mag apil2… kakta ba diay ka sa uban artista daw kung mag away mag apil2 ba daun na ilang mga inahan kung dili grabe.. nsa may naa ana.. ka tiguang na anang ruffa ui.. duha nay anak pasagdi naana siya kung naa mangaway iya pasagdi siya mu lutas sa iyang kaugalingong problema.. inahan ka dili ka dapat mag buot sa iya kundili mag guide… c ruffa pud,sensitive ra kaayo ka dili man kinahanglan mag walk out jud tungod ato dai kabalo ka kung gina sapawan man ka ni kris,sapawi pud dai kay basin tinuod pud tong gi ingon sa imung inahan nga na insecure c kris nimu kay cguro tungod gwapa ka ug sexy. hello dai.. kdugy na nga gna sapawan kang kris nganung karun pman ka mag walk out2 ui.. intawunms grbe pto sauna… pasagdi rana c kris dai gwapa gihapon kaayo ka.. imu lang maam ingna dili mag apil2 kay between u and kris lang na… kang kris pud..ikaw,kabalo ka medyo tama pud tong gi ingonsa mama niruffa na hambugera ka..mao pud bitaw nga dili ko ganahan kang noy2 tungod sa imu kay hambugera na kaau ka pero kabalo man ko na buotan c noi2 giyod.. ayaw pag pinamati… tinuod man pud na cge nnimu ug sapawan cruffa wa pa gani nahuman ug storya hala ratsada daun ka.. ayaw pag ing ana kung iyaha turn ihatag sa iya.. unsa man diay pag tan aw nimu sa iya host man mung tulo ikaw man mag hari2 permenti…usahay pud lain ka mka comment sa uban.. mao gning dghan kag shows kay dghan gnahan sa imu na mga televiewers unta pag binuotan pud sa imung mga katrabaho.. walay sapaway..

  16. kristeta says:

    salamat elmo sa comment mo tama ka nagpahaba lang nang issue si monster mom anabelle kc ruffa sumbong sa nanay.kaya lang 3 yrs na pala binabara ni Kris.bakit ngayon lang sya nagsalita sana kinausap nya si kris mag sosorry sya at hindi na sya bibirahin ni kris .so alam ni kris na pikon sya.sigoro planong plano na sirain si kris kc si NOYNOY kasali sa Presidential. pero ang kitid nang utak or walang pinag-aralan si moster mom at Ruffa kc noynoy wala show bez. dapat nga saktan sya nang asawa kc nagger mana sa nanay.

  17. John says:

    let’s all admit it guys. Knowing Kris, she’s really tactless which makes her really daunting.
    People would normally think of her as an insecure and arrogant brat girl. Can’t control people’s opinion about her since It’s quite evident on her actions and comments on air, not to mention the kind of atittudes she showed back in her evening show “deal or no deal,” of which she told one of the family member of the contestant to go out, because she thought that It was here constestant’s relative that cause her to be so unfortunate that night. On the other hand, Mrs. Rama is definately getting out of the line. We all know how blunt she is. Lol. No need to comment much about her. As for Ruffa, We really don’t know why she acted out like that aside from the fact that she was offended by Kris. Maybe, she got fed up, coz that might not be the first time that she got offened by Kris, dba?we don’t expect people to do things the way we wanted them to do. Guys, Let’s all be fair. tc God Bless.


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