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Bobbi Kristina Not Engaged to ‘Adopted’ Brother


The late Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, is again in the spotlight. Not so much anymore for the grief she must still have for the untimely demise of her mother, but for how she is coping these days.

Reports have it that the 19-year-old who stands to earn everything her late mother had and will have by way of posthumous record sales, is clinging onto the arms of her ‘adopted’ brother for support in these tumultuous times.

But, it seems she is clinging on too much to her ‘adopted’ brother as photos of them kissing and holding hands allegedly surfaced recently. Add to that engagement rumors after she was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her all too important ring-finger.

A rep for the late singing icon though was quick to deny that Brown is engaged to Nick Gordon, her “adopted” brother.

“Bobbi Kristina is NOT engaged. It is NOT true,” insists the rep.

Gordon was informally adopted by Houston when he was 12 and the huge diamond ring on Bobbi Kristina’s finger is her mother’s.

As for the kissing and hand-holding, the rep says they are just close, having been raised together.

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