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Britney Spears Goes Spiritual With Exercise


The ultimate female popstar, BRITNEY Spears deems sweating during intense physical work-out is a spiritual thing.

The 30-year-old superstar maintains her flat abs through strict exercise regime in order to be looking fab and fit especially on her performances.Spears is currently working on her Femme Fatale concert tour and expressed keeping her body in shape goes beyond simply working out.

“Exercise is a spiritual thing, it helps your mind and your body and it’s all connected. So, yes, I think it’s really important to take care of yourself in that way,” she said.

It has been noted that on recent years, Britney faced psychologic instability and weight problems. Paparazzi’s feasted on Britney’s excessive love handles and tummy bulges. Britney revealed that she has been a fan of calorific treats and she binges on junk foods-which was the major cause of her 14lbs gain during her 2009 Circus concert tour.

“She does not think about the calories in the food, just that she likes it. She loves greasy food and creamy sweets and hates fruit and vegetables,” a source said at the time.

To regain her figure, the singer subsequently put herself on a 1,600 calorie-a-day diet plus extreme workout..

The Toxic singer also revealed her physical workplan and it gives us mere mortals an insight how to have a fabulous abs like Britney’s.

“I work out every other day, and sometimes every day. I run a lot on the treadmills in hotels when I’m on tour and I do light weights and a little bit of cardio.”

Britney Spears,aside from her fab abs and fluid dance moves, is also recognized as the best-selling female artist of the first decade of the 21st century, as well as the fifth overall.She was ranked the 8th Artist of the 2000s by Billboard. In June 2010, Spears was ranked sixth on Forbes list of the 100 Most Powerful and Influential celebrities in the world; she is also the third most mentioned musician on the internet, according to Forbes.

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