Michonne Introduced In The Walking Dead Season Finale


The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale had everyone guessing on who is next among the group of zombie apocalypse survivors would die next after Dale and Shane. Farm mainstays Jimmy and Patricia were killed by walkers who overrun Herschel’s farm land while Andrea was left behind running in the woods.

Andrea ran out of ammunition but the horde of walkers kept chasing her. As she battles these zombies using a pistol as hammer, a hooded character comes out of nowhere to rescue her. Enter Michonne, a popular character in the graphic comic version of the TV series. Michonne makes her first appearance in the season ending episode wielding a samurai sword and has two walkers chained.

These walkers must be her ticket to walk among the undead undetected. To keep herself safe from the chained walkers, she cut their arms and lower jaws.

Michonne appears as a faceless character in the season finale but she should be part of the main cast when season 3 opens in fall this year. The faceless Michonne was a stand-in although Danai Gurira has been reportedly tapped to play the character in the third season.

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