Richard Gere: ‘Pretty Woman’ My least Favorite


It turns out not everyone enjoyed every minute of the 90s flick, ‘Pretty Woman’ — while I sure did, Richard Gere himself did not.
In fact, Gere thinks the movie is actually pretty terrible. (Oh my!)

Opening up to Australia’s ‘Woman’s Day’ magazine, the actor admits he’s not particularly proud of the movie that propelled Julia Roberts to stardom and being America’s sweetheart.

“It’s my least favorite thing,” Gere says. “People ask me about [it], but I’ve forgotten it. That was a silly romantic comedy.”

Gere starred in ‘Pretty Woman’ as the arrogant, calculating entrepreneur ‘Edward Lewis’, who falls for the warm-hearted prostitute ‘Vivian Ward’ whom he hires to accompany him on business and social events.

Despite the movie’s feel-good tone, Gere explains that he has a real problem with his character’s attitudes towards life, and love. “[Pretty Woman] made [guys like Edward] seem dashing, which was so wrong. Thankfully, today, we are all more skeptical of those guys.

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