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Kim Kardashian Keeps Cool After Being Flour Bombed


Imagine yourself being flour-bombed on the red carpet, would you just let the dust settle, so to speak, and go on to do what you went there to do? Probably not.

But not trooper Kim Kardashian, who was flour-bombed on the red carpet in West Hollywood on Thursday night.

After posing for photographers at an event for her new fragrance, ‘True Reflection’, at the London Hotel off of Sunset Blvd., Kim was speaking to some people, still on the red carpet, when a young woman quickly strolled up from the reality star’s left side and dumped a bag of what appeared to be flour on Kim’s head.

“She came from Kim’s left, with a Zip-Lock baggie,” an ‘Access Hollywood’ staffer on the scene said, noting the bag had about three fists full of white powder, believed to be flour. “The girl just kind of showed up on the red carpet.”

The staffer, who witnessed the whole incident, added that no one stopped the woman, as she approached Kim.

“She went in between Kim and her publicist and started dumping the bag on Kim’s head and shoulders,” the staffer recalled.

The flour bomber tried to make a quick getaway but was stopped and whisked away by security.

Not one to let a little flour stop her, after about 10 minutes, Kim returned to chat with the media, where she made jokes about the incident, saying, “I was just saying to my makeup artist… I did say I needed a little bit more powder…[I was] a little translucent, oh well.”

Kim Kardashian definitely earned my respect for how she handled this one.

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