Gwyneth Paltrow Defends on Cookbook Ghostwriter Report


Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow continued to defend herself against the New York Times claim that her cookbook had a ghostwriter, this time on “The Rachael Ray Show.” Still Gwyneth is in hot seat right now because of this issue. A recent New York Times report alleged that Paltrow and celebrity chef Rachael Ray were among numerous celebrities who did not actually write their cookbooks.

“You know normally I don’t respond to gossip or anything,” Paltrow told Ray via Skype from her London home. “But you know this is my professional life and I’m writing more cookbooks.”

“Every single recipe in the book I came up with and I cooked on the spot,” Paltrow continued. “I feel like it’s important for the people who have responded so positively and interacted with me about my book, that they know that this is my book and I wrote my book and it’s all mine.”

On the other hands, the trouble started when the New York Times published an article on March 13 titled “I Was a Cookbook Ghostwriter,” which looked into and featured the food writers behind books allegedly written by celebrity chefs like Rachel Ray, Mario Battali and Paula Deen.

Rachael Ray echoed Paltrow’s sentiments by insisting that she writes her best-selling cookbooks as well.

“This is how I spend the little time at home I have with my family, I spend in front of these little notebooks, in front of the computer,” the host explained.

Meanwhile, Ray continued: “It sort of takes away from all of that to not be able to call that writing, of course that’s writing. It doesn’t mean you don’t value the people who write the glossary or that help organise the pantry or that work on a project, but a writer is still a writer.”

Paltrow’s appearance on The Rachael Ray Show airs Friday (March 23).

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