Is Mahima Chaudhary’s Marriage on the Rocks?


Seems there really is trouble in Bollywood paradise, but not for Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra, but for Mahima Chaudhary and her architect-husband, Bobby Mukherjee.

According to reports, Mahima and their four-year old daughter have moved out of Bobby’s house in Bandra and are now staying with her parents in Lokhandwala.

A source close to Mahima and Bobby said, “Mahima and Bobby have increasingly been having arguments over last few months even on the smallest of issues. Though they have tried hard to work out their differences, it just seems impossible. One of the main issue that has harmed their relationship is Bobby’s constant travelling. He is unable to spend time with their daughter which has created a rift between the two. Now Mahima has moved out with their daughter. However efforts are being made by Mahima’s brother who’s Bobby’s close friend to mend their relationship of six years.”

This is not the first time that reports of their marriage hitting rough waters have emerged. But, back then Mahima denied them all and simply said that Bobby’s job requires him to travel a lot.

However, it seems that the Mahima and Bobby’s marriage have started to feel the strain of a long-distance relationship.

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