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Lindsay Lohan Returns to Court


It looks like things are gonna get brighter for Lindsay Lohan, once she gets Judge Stephanie Sautner to give her ‘true freedom”.

Lohan returns to court Thursday for a ‘final’ hearing where she will give Judge Sautner her final update on the strict probation requirements meted out to her months back that had her reporting for duty at the county morgue and attending regular psychotherapy sessions since late last year.

If you will recall Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner has said she will end Lohan’s probation on a 2007 drunken driving case on Thursday if she completes the probation requirements strictly, which the ‘Mean Girls’ actress has apparently done.

However, Lohan will remain on ‘informal’ probation for stealing a necklace, but she will no longer be supervised by a probation officer and no longer be forced to live in Los Angeles, where she still faces lawsuits over accidents and her overall bad behavior.

Lohan is due to guest star on an upcoming episode of “Glee” and is also set to star as Elizabeth Taylor in a television movie.

“Lindsay is ending one chapter and starting the next. She is very eager to get back on set and dive into her next few projects,” her spokesman Steve Honig said.

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