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Lindsay Lohan’s Formal Probation is Over


Finally, come-backing actress Lindsay Lohan can put her court appearing days behind her — at least for now and for as long as she stays out of trouble.

For this to happen Lindsay should consider taking Judge Stephanie Sautner’s advice to heart, “”I know it is kind of hard when people are following you all over the place, but that is the life you chose. You need to live your life in a more mature way. Stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work.”

“I don’t expect to see you again. Goodbye and good luck”, Judge Sautner added.

This dispensation ends Lohan’s almost five years of formal probation, multiple trips to court, to jail and to rehab since a 2007 drunk driving and cocaine possession arrest.

She was even praised by the Judge for completing months of community service at a Los Angeles morgue and her court-ordered psychotherapy.
“She has done everything that this court has asked of her. Probation terminates today. Now”, Judge Sautner rules with finality.

However, the actress will remain on informal probation until 2014 for a 2011 jewelry theft, but she will not have to report regularly to court and will no longer be compelled to live in Los Angeles, as long as she stays out of trouble.

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