Scarlett Johansson Wears Nothing Underneath Avengers Costume


If you have seen the latest ‘Marvel Avengers Assemble’ movie trailer you will agree that nothing else will fit inside Scarlett Johansson’s skin-tight costume.

Johansson who wears a tight leather cat-suit for her role as a sexy spy, Black Widow, in the upcoming movie ‘Marvel Avengers Assemble’ reveals that every other cast member suffers from a high degree of discomfort every time they have to shoot a scene for the movie.

“Everybody on the film has their own uncomfortable costume situation. It’s like 800 degrees in mine. And it’s a one-piece and I have nothing underneath it,” the actress was quoted as saying.

Scarlett adds that her costumes in ‘Marvel Avengers Assemble are the most daring of her career to date. In fact, she describes the cast’s dressing process as “very surreal”.

“It was kind of an out-of-body experience. Like a dress-up, but to the extreme.

“Everybody looks incredibly uncomfortable until the cameras are rolling.

“Then we all look badass. And when the Avengers assemble, it feels like being a little kid.

“Then, cut! And we’re all like, ‘Arrgh, God, get this thing off me.’ As soon as everything is cut, everything comes off.

“All our costumes are unzipped, some air conditioning venting unit goes in, someone is having a wig removed… we all have our various things that we have to do to get comfortable,” Johansson reveals.

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