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MTRCB Should Already Take A Serious Look at PBB "Resbak Attack"


princess_PBB_double_upThe “Resbak Attack” episode and twist of PBB has become trashy, lame, cheap and sickening. These are only some of the comments of readers when I originally posted my own critique of the new twist at the Big Brother house, venting off my personal resolve that the show has lost its appeal by putting in a shallow concept for a twist full of violence, verbal abuse and scandalous actuations from former housemates just to test the patience and reveal the real selves of the remaining housemates.

For those who haven’t read yet that post, it is here on “Intellectualizing PBB Resbak Attack, the Mudslinging and All”.

Commenters like Kitkat who was also an avid fan of the show (take note of the word “was”) felt that the show has gone overboard saying,

Filipino viewers are more intelligent than what they think. There are lots of creative ideas on how to do that ‘resbak.’ Let them engage into a skill competition while the ‘resbak team’ treat them formally & in a businesslike manner, not with verbal & physical VIOLENCE. They could hurl some judgments, but only after pointing out their good qualities first. Not with stupidity like : ‘puti ka ug itlog’–Princess’s statement. That was really stupid & unnecessary. Scandalosa….ganyan ba ang mga filipina?

While Thinking Out Loud shared how the show has turned from an enjoyable and relaxing experience into an exhausting situation for a viewer like him,

I just hope that whatever it is they get the result they want includng the ratings. Ive seen it, didnt like it. After a long day at work i just want to feel relax and not stress myself anymore.

With all these reasons and valid observations, commenters and readers on that post already raised the red flag for the MTRCB to take a serious look at the show as it already poses a great danger to the viewers especially the young ones. While MTRCB immediately took notice of just the first incident on “Showtime” and gave it a preventive suspension (though I think on that incident it has abused its power), I think, PBB “Resbak Attack” poses an even greater, more serious danger with the way it is presently being run by its spin doctors

While Osang’s remarks came from just one person who is just a guest judge on a live program with the staff of the show having no control of it, the “Resbak Attack” is the brainchild of its writers and staff and is still subject to editing before being televised, making the matter more serious in terms of total disregard on self-regulation.  Are the people behind the show getting happy when their contestants are already fighting against each other uttering foul words and showing unbecoming behaviors that young viewers could easily pick up?

The MTRCB should already step in this time around.

I myself after two episodes of that promised twist have stopped watching the show. What can you get with a TV show that espouses violence, trash talk, verbal abuses and unbecoming characters just to get some media mileage and a little upper hand on ratings?

As I shared before, when Laurenti Dyogi was confronted with the issue of gender discrimination (regarding Rica) that is happening inside the house, he said that they will be doing something on that, and though it is negative issue, at least the show is being talked about.

And here is what Kitkat has to say to that,

I used to be a fan of PBB, not anymore. No matter how PBB justifies the ‘mudslinging’ & verbal violence. A spade is still a spade. They have underestimated the intellect of the Filipino viewers.

Do you think  that PBB “Resbak Attack” has already gone overboard and already warrants a serious investigation by the MTRCB?  Share your thoughts here and comment.

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  1. Jena Isle says:

    I share your sentiments on this, Elmot. No matter how we deny it, TV shows have a great influence on the minds of growing children. Such violence and verbal abuse should not be condoned or tolerated.

    • elmot says:

      And young children are even dreaming of becoming actors and actresses through that reality show.

      Any sense of responsibility on the part of the show is not visible.

  2. je says:

    I agree with this comment that it should be stop..totally stop the resback episode coz’ it’s not healthy anymore to see by the viewers specially children who love to watch..You can think other option to reveal the true colors of housemates inside the house..please MTRCB give your eyes and ears to this matter…Even it is edited in ABS-CBN viewing but in 24/7 is not..children knows how to watch it in other way specially in cable or in internet…It is not good no more…..please……please as a avid viewer of this PBB double up give your ear and eyes with this task…I’m begging MTRCB for this…please stop this resbak episode..I’m not asking to stop the PBB double up …I’m only asking to stop the resbak task….Please mind this matter….


    • elmot says:

      Thanks for the comment. I am not commenting against this Resbak Attack for anything that is superficial…but I am a parent, and I can my little boy actually following the nasty things that this Resbak Attack is showing.

      This is already dangerous to the children and young viewers.

  3. MinnieRunner says:

    Hmmm… I never watched PBB. And merely reading your post locked my doors for them.

  4. pEDo says:

    Where is MTRCB when you need them most? They are in hiding….
    And why are they there when you least need them? They want publicity!

    Where is the brain of the PBB Staffs? They are after the fame and money, rejecting the morality of the show and its big influence to a lot of young viewers!

  5. jan geronimo says:

    The show has perhaps lost its novelty? Maybe it’s losing in the battle for viewership? That might explain this desperate attempt to recover lost ground. It’s unfortunate that in place ofdramatic tension the producers will settle for inducing verbal abuse as a ploy to drum up interest. Woe be to kids who might think it’s all right to emulate what they see on this show.

    • elmot says:

      I can’t exactly say that they are losing ground in the battle for ratings supremacy but in the latest survey televised yesterday by GMA conducted by AG Nielsen, GMA7 still reigns supreme in Metro Manila, the most precious territory.

      They have lost any creative juices and just resorted to the easy tactic of creating chaos without thinking of their social (and moral) responsibility to viewers.

  6. ThinkingOutloud says:

    Stop the resback attack already, one week of torture is more than enough. Whatever ‘realness’ you want seen from the remaining housemates, i thnk you’ve seen. If this goes on you’ll break these people which is plain wrong.

    • elmot says:

      And the premise of seeing the real self of the housemates by insulting them, pissing them off and saying invectives against them are shallow, problematic and non-sense….as I said, obviously, people will get angry and offended when insulted and hurled with nasty words. For me, though I love the show, I am going to stop watching because of this violence and bad-mouthing and all.

  7. YAEL says:


    • elmot says:

      Sorry to say Yael, I am not a GMA fan or Kapuson, I am a Kapamilya, but all borders and biases are brought down when the question of the show’s effects to young viewers and the youth is already a big question.

      Take note, AGB Nielsen reported a few days ago that GMA still reigns in Metro Manila in terms of ratings…but I am not watching GMA….now my real concern is the effects of all these mudslinging, trash talk and violence to the public especially the youth.

      Isipin kasi lagi ng staff ng lahat ng show hindi lang ng PBB kundi lahat, na hindi lang pera-pera lagi ang usapan kapag nagpapalabas ng shows, dapat ay magkaroon ng social responsibility ang mga taga-gawa at taga-pamahala ng show.

  8. kitkat says:

    RICA & PRINCESS ‘were’ well-liked characters in the PBB house.

    When they came back as part of the ‘resbak team’, they’ve soiled their image.

    They’ve appeared very bitter & personal.

    It seems, they were being used for the ratings.

    We would like to see kung gaano nagpakatotoo yung housemates, but not in that way.

    • elmot says:

      I agree, they looked so desperate, hapless and thirsty for another shot at fame. Especially Rica, trying to put some intellectual justifications to un-becoming behaviors.
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Our Cold Nights =-.

      • kitkat says:

        Do you think the ‘resbak team’ could get away with it? Especially RIca & Princess?

        I give them 3 months, after that they’ll be lost in oblivion.

        Their names will never be even remembered. They’re just a remembrance of how PBB placed a bad taste in our mouths.

        They have never even climbed to fame yet, but they’re broken. They were used oh-so willingly.

        Their bitterness were being used against them in front of a million people.

        I don’t watch the show anymore but I read the comments made in FB about the show.

      • elmot says:

        Hi KitKat!

        But as you know, TV execs can easily capitalize on those bad traits these two ex-housemates has shown and package them as real modern-day contrabida stars…

        Kindly share this post if you Twitter of Facebook. Thanks:D
        .-= elmot´s last blog ..Our Cold Nights =-.

  9. sweetfox says:

    I agree with you Elmot… I thought I was the only one who hated Resbak Attack! I told my mom last night that it’s no longer healthy, human nature na yun na pagprinovoke mo ang isang tao eh makikipag-away talaga yun lalabas talaga color nya black & white or colored man yan. But what they did is too much, kasi I’m an avid fan of PBB eh kasi too much ang kakiligan nila melai & jason (corny yeah but admit it napapatawa ka) isn’t it nice na matutulog kang nakangiti. Okay lang sana if they’re acting eh alam nating hindi totoo pero c’mon people bitter na yung mga exhousemate that’s why sobra na ginagawa din naman nila & sana hindi hahayaan ni Big Bro yun. I have so much respect for kuya kasi sa mga pangaral nya BUT now confused na ang lola mo. Nanonood pala ako with my 1 year old son natutuwa kasi sya kay baby dengue eh pero nung may sigawan na & confrontation I know d nya pa maintindihan pero sa actions nila baka naman ma absorb ng son ko kaya lipat na to Disney Channel hahaha sayang yan lang ang pinapanood ko sa Kapamilya pag weekdays eh. ayokong ma stress big brother pwede idaan mo nalang sa games please!

    • elmot says:

      I share your sentiments sweetfox. I have a 2 year old son, who watches the show since we are tuning in to the Kapamilya network most of the time and my son stays late at night.

      With the Resbak Attack episode he saw, he imitated the yelling, the throwing of things and unruliness. This is where I got really upset and felt that this show is not doing anything good already, at least on this episode; not to discredit the show, to sow discord or because of network wars that I wrote this post, but because I am very much concerned with its effects on children.

      Big Brother is obviously being held in the neck by the script and writers’ intention on this Resbak Attack and not of any higher values.
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Kris Allen Live in Manila Concert, Schedules, Venues, Tickets =-.

  10. yatot says:

    while it’s true that PBB these past few days is somewhat had taken into a next level of playing human emotions which some of you may have find it really very below the belt or something… we must take into consideration also that PBB double up is also a simulation of what could have been a situation that might also be happening in the real world…

    say.. big brother is playing god here… (but i dont really mean BB is playing god here.. take note of what i have said… PBB is just a simulation…) and the housemates are the people… the BB house is the world we are living in.. which of course full of different folks with different beliefs, races, religions, etc.

    now… say, a housemate was evicted inside the house… in the “real world” a person leaves the earth when he dies… a simulation of death…

    inside the BB house, the housemates meet different people with different personalities… similar to everyday life situations… which by the way we cannot control or direct ourselves not to actually meet them because in one way or another, we will meet them (talking about the principle of six degrees of separation).. so we have no choice but to be with them… because we are trapped in a single world.. much like the BB house…

    in the real world.. it’s not always fun! sometimes we meet people such as PBB housemate princess and rica and much like the previous editions were who can forget PBB season 2 housemate wendy for being a maldita! or perhaps uma for crying out loud… now these people did not really make themselves present in your real world… but they appeared to be there wherever a person is to only make himself/herself stronger… wendy, uma, princess and rica are like the stimuli of life inside the PBB house… so what the heck if they make the show a bit annoying these past few days… once again, i point out… PBB is a simulation of life…

    well… the show’s creative team could have not thought of a more creative way to let the emotions of the housemates reveal itself…or on how the housemates will respond to a situation where a friendship and/or a pot money are/is at stake or not… i guess the problem started from there… but everything else is just a respond to the stimuli that are PBB housemate princess and the rest of the resbak attack ex-housemate gang…

    so, i dont think mtrcb should look at PBB this seriously… we are all human… we get hurt… we get angry… we respond to stimuli… the only difference is… there are no cameras in the surroundings… and we are not some kind of TV personalities…
    .-= yatot´s last blog ..TYC’s Top 10 Traffic Sources and Top 10 Most Visited Blog Entries! =-.

    • elmot says:

      Now, this is what you call a real “Resbak Attack”, wahehehe.

      I agree with your points Bro, unfortunately, from my point of view, this is what I see…unlike or some of the viewer (in this case they are not really that big in number) who can really raise their awareness when watching a show like this to a higher level as what you have shared here, most of them just really take everything that is fed on them when watching a TV show, most especially the younger ones with most of them left unsupervised.

      Indeed, that is the real world, so to speak that not everyone is as gentle as you want them to be and to treat you…but on the premise that the real self (pagpapakatotoo) will only and fully be revealed by using verbal abuse and some level of unruliness and violence is something puzzling to me if not funny. As you said we respond to stimuli. When you hurl invectives to other people, you will get hurt. When the former housemates insulted those remaining ones, they will certainly get hurt and will react as a response to what had provoked them though with certainty, each of them will have different levels and kinds of responses. Unfortunately, this where the stimuli thing breaks down; when the remaining housemates react by not being violent, the Resbak Team says that they need to do more in order for the “pagpapakatoo” to be complete and revealed, with one of them even saying (Rica and Haponesa) that those who are still meek as a lamb are still plastic (in the case of Mommy Cath). But when Mariel and Paul Jake got mad and angry, these former housemates said that they already revealed their real selves but laughed out loud with sarcasm and even frustration on the thought these two may even end up on the final four slot after showing their aggressiveness after being provoked. Puzzling.

      What does then Resbak Attack teaches us in the real world scenario: maybe this one, when there are bad people, you can fight back and this is revealing the real self, or you may just keep quit and have this feeling that you are not your real self. I am not a moralist, but this subliminal feelings and thoughts will have great effects on the viewers especially on those who cannot raise the level of their consciousness.

      But I am not concerned with that aspect really. I am a PBB fan, but my love of the show automatically collapsed when these past episodes is being placed on the background of its effects on young viewers. As I shared, my son imitated the violence and shouting and all when he saw that on PBB though I am guiding him while watching the show. How much more to those who are left unsupervised (and many many of them) watching this show.

      I think Big Brother has not been so active these past episodes on expounding the events in the house, on “guiding” the viewers as he just speak to the housemates, and even not really being so active to guide the housemates…everything is left for the viewers own interpretation. Now I am even wishing you are Big Brother, as you can expound these things on here. Of course, it is mandated by the show for Big Brother to almost totally leave everything as ease, for more twists to happen.

      What I am saying is, the creative team can unleash the real self that they have been trying to capitalize on without using violence, unbecoming behavioral intimidations and trash talking. That is why it is called being creative, coz one can find ways and means to put up an artistic piece, something of aesthetic value higher than the level of just response to stimuli principle, which is on the first level (survival)…for me that is creativity. One can present the real world in so many many ways without resorting a vivid display of violence and bad-mouthing and the likes.

      I hope you will assume Big Brother’s place…LOL! Kuya is that you? LOL
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Politicians on Pantyliners, The Most Ingenious Campaign Strategy There Is =-.

  11. Cavitenio says:

    Elmot, I agree with you. It was really some kind of nonsense task. I mean, whats good in it? Oh yeah, there is one, its the tv show ratings. hehe. Here is my share about this issue.


  12. jan geronimo says:

    In a reality show I recently watched, those who were eliminated had a chance to vote who among the finalists deserved to take away the coveted prize. The finalists were given a chance to make their case before their former team mates. They were also asked tough questions as regards their behavior and decisions to stay alive in the decision. But nowhere has this become an occasion for trash talk. Some remarks were funny, others were stinging but in the whole they were civil. Clearly, the contestants were briefed or guided what’s acceptable behavior on national television. When you rake in oodles of money with your television show, should not one be more conscious of its impact on viewers? Television is a very intimate medium. It has become an ubiquitousfamily member as it were. It’s even there to babysit for kids when parents are busy with their careers or what-nots. I’m uncomfortable with the idea to pass this kind of show as okay just because it’s a simulation of real life. Some simulations pass muster. this one doesn’t.

    • kitkat says:

      I definitely agree with you.

      The show is hypocritical.

      preaching one thing, but showing the opposite.

      The heart of PBB is where the money is.

      I’m disappointed by how the show turned out to be. It’s too disturbing for my taste.

  13. I haven’t seen the show, but I just want to say that I’m not crazy about that dress. It makes her look hard. And it sort of looks like a garbage bag. She’s a very pretty woman and would look better in something a little flirtier, less in-your-face “do me”.
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Let’s get it back! =-.

  14. ken says:

    d twist is ol bout knowing the true personlities of d hawsmates.. wether in good tym or in bad tyms!!! which lot of people realize who deserves d prize… bout princess being scandalosa, it was just an acting!! just like other teleseryes theirs violence has been going so we just ol have to widen our knowledge!!!

  15. memei says:

    nkaka2wa k nman elmot, tlagang ikaw ang maraming comment attorney kb nila.. habang binabasa q mga comment mo elmot ndi n pla nakatuwa nakakayamot kn..


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