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Jennifer Garner Not Bothered by Baby Weight


Here is someone not bothered by the pounds that came with the baby she just recently gave birth to — Jennifer Garner.

Garner, who gave birth to her third son this February, is in fact in no hurry to lose her baby weight, not that she does not plan to in the future. But, unlike other celebrity mommies who seem to be in a race to look like they were not even pregnant to begin with, Jennifer is taking her sweet time to enjoy her new baby, Samuel, instead of hitting the gym hard like other mommies who look like they went straight to the gym after walking out the delivery room.

“Jennifer has had a yoga instructor at the house a couple of times, but she’s not throwing herself into a hardcore gym routine yet. She does feel she’s gained more weight this time around, because she was so busy with the girls that she found herself not eating healthily. But she hasn’t had time to really think about it,” a source close to Garner was quoted as saying.

“Still being in her maternity wear is her motivation, but it’s only been a few weeks ?” it’s just not a priority right now,” the source added.

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