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Victoria Beckham Says No to Birthday Cake


God grant me Victoria Beckham’s super willpower!

Avid dieters and weight-loss aficionados often have a ‘cheat day’ wherein they allow themselves to indulge and eat whatever they want to eat — anything and everything for just one day.

But, not Hollywood and British celebrity Victoria Beckham, to her the words ‘cheat day’ does not have a spot in her diet vocabulary — even if it is her birthday, Victoria will stick to her strict diet.

The super-slim star, who turned 38 last Tuesday, had fruit for dessert instead of the usual birthday cake.

Victoria even tweeted a photo of what she was having for her special day, saying, “Birthday lunch!!! Such a lovely day!!!! X vb,” along with a photo of a summer fruit plate filled with mango, pineapple, oranges, an assortment of berries and “Happy Birthday Victoria” scripted around the plate’s edges in chocolate syrup.

Reports say Victoria’s ‘healthy’ eating habits do not include sugary sweets — not even on her special days.

Such motivation… such willpower!

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