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Russell Brand: Drug Addicts are Not Criminals














This is clearly a case of, ‘It takes one to know one’? But, unfortunately not all drug addicts can be future ‘Russell Brands’ — or someone who can successfully get over their addiction and turn their lives around. There is documented proof that most heinous crimes have been committed by drug users and life-long drug addicts.

Still, British-born comedian Russell Brand is urging the decriminalization of drug possession by arguing that drug addicts should be treated for a potentially fatal illness.

“I’m not a legal expert. I’m saying that, to a drug addict, the legal aspect is irrelevant. If you need to get drugs, you will,” Brand was quoted as saying.

“The criminal status sends the wrong message. Being arrested isn’t a lesson, it’s just an administrative blip.”

Katy Perry’s ex-husband, Brand, who beat his addiction in 2002, revealed that he himself was arrested 12 times for drugs.

“I think some people can safely take drugs. I’m not saying no to all drugs,” he said.

“Let’s have an authentic, truthful, honest debate and some funding for abstinence-based recovery.”

Decriminalizing drug possession would allow addiction to be treated as a “health matter”, he added, saying, “Addicts who get clean generally stop committing crime.”

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