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Mel Gibson Reaches Settlement with Oksana Grigorieva


Hollywood actor/director Mel Gibson can finally put some of his legal woes to rest.

Gibson has just recently reached a settlement with Oksana Grigorieva, ending the very messy and controversial split the former couple engaged in, complete with the supposed leakage of audio recordings of sexist and racist rants and death threats.

In exchange for some ‘peace and quiet’, Gibson will pay $750,000 to his ex-girlfriend and continue to provide housing and financial support for their young daughter.

As part of the settlement, their daughter will receive support equal to what the actor-director provides for his seven other children, split custody of the girl, a bar from civil suit against Gibson and a gag order on both parties against speaking or writing about their failed relationship and alleged domestic abuse.

Gibson will also keep paying for a multimillion house he purchased for Grigorieva and their daughter, but the house will later be sold when the girl turns 18 and she will receive the proceeds.
The judge also specifically said neither side could release any audio recordings.

[She got what she deserves. I think she planned everything to set him up and get millions in exchange. Too bad she only got a measly $750,000. If not for the child she should have gotten nothing.]

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