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Ian Somerhalder – Vampire Diaries Actor visits Philippines


Ian Somerhalder had no knowledge about the beauty of the Philippines till he set foot in the country last Saturday May 19, 2012. Ian said that “This country, I wasn’t aware there were 7,100 islands. You can’t quite grasp what you can see. Everyone is connected to the landscape and the seascape it’s a phenomenal experience. I’m really happy to be here.”

Ian went to Palawan for a shoot when he came in the country and then to El Nido a legendary tourist spot that caught his attention and left so much passion in him. “El Nido being one of the most beautiful places, the people here, everyone has been so profoundly wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, soulful.”

Ian Somerhalder Foundation, endorsement deal of Penshoppe will give supports environmental awareness and preservation of nature, he’s positive that his fans especially viewers of his hit TV show alongside Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley, will be very instrumental in educating the youth of things that matter in the environment. He said that, “We’re all going to see real progress soon. And yes this foundation is literally, especially by virtue of the fact that Vampire Diaries has such a young audience, what I realized is that to use that exposure for the greater good, to actually educate the youth of the world and actually empower people, our youth to be aware of conservation and we start doing that we’re going to see a major change.”

On his obsevation of the Philippines before, He admits he heard so many good things about it from his father. “I’m so suprised, not that I have any pre-conceived notion. “I’ve always heard about the Philippines from my father, who is obsessed in this country. He came here many, many years ago. the stunning beauty and how progressive everything is, how progressive you guys are. So when I go home [I will say] you have to go this place and [I will] raise awareness for this place, absolutely.”

Ian also said, “Thank you for the warm welcome and all the wonderful thoughts.”

The media asked Him What he would tell his friends about our country. He replied, “Don’t go there. They will kill you with kindness.” Again he plattered, “I’m telling you, I’ve been so suprised!”

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