Justin Bieber Fulfills A Cancer Fighting Fan Dreams to Become True


Justin Bieber cancer fighting fan is so happy to day. Apparently, it was a mission accomplished for one of Justin Bieber’s biggest fans Hailey Roser to have a private meeting with Justin Bieber (JB) after a huge social media campaign having also a call to TMZ Live.

According to the reports, the 4-year-old Hailey Roser was all at smiles during her 5 minute lucky charm backstage moment with Bieber before his concert in Milwaukee Sunday night.

Hailey’s parents started the “Healing Hailey” campaign on Twitter and Facebook after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in August — and a few weeks ago one of the campaign’s followers called to TMZ Live to spread the word.

We joked with the caller, saying … “we know some people” — and then informed Justin’s manager Scooter Braun about the “Healing Hailey” movement.

Hailey’s been undergoing chemotherapy and had to get clearance from doctor’s today to attend the concert. After meeting Justin, she tweeted a message to her followers … “Dreams come true believe”


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