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Mitt Romney Called Barack Obama to Concede; Will Issue Official Statement to Supporters


Republican challenger to the White House Mitt Romney did his best against the bid for reelection of Democrat and US President Barack Obama.

But as the results came pouring in, Obama has clinched the victory for the presidency with the win attributed to his victories in key battle ground states.

Obama won Virginia, Ohio, New Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nevada.

Romney on the other hand won North Carolina.

In Florida, Obama is leading Romney with 49.9% votes and 49.2% votes respectively.  About 97% of votes were already counted.

As of this writing, Obama has tallied 303 electoral votes compared to Romney’s 203.

Mitt Romney in his campaign plane while on his way to Boston to monitor the results said to reporters that his campaign was not “perfect” but also shared that he had no regrets fighting a good fight.  Romney said,

“I’m very proud of the campaign that we’ve run. No campaign is perfect.  I’m sure like any campaign people can point to mistakes. But that’s the mark of anything that’s produced by human beings. … I feel we have put it all on the field. We left nothing in the locker room. We fought to the very end. … I think that’s why we will be successful.”

With the Obama win, Romney was reported by CBS to have called President Obama to concede.  He is said to address his supporters at 12:55 ET, according to Peter Alexander who is covering the elections for NBC.

Image credit: politico.com

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