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Total Solar Eclipse 2012: Australia is to Witness Total Solar Eclipse on Wednesday


Australia and parts in the Pacific Ocean is about to witness a total solar eclipse on Wednesday morning, November 12, 2012 or 2:00 pm ET on Tuesday of November 13, 2012. Apparently, thousands of people are heading now to Queensland to witness a two-minute total solar eclipse in the early morning.

The said solar eclipse is expected to begin at 5:45 am in the far north of Australian state, with totality occurring at 6:38 am on November 14, 2012 (20:38 GMT on November 13, 2012).

A solar eclipse happened when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, thus blocking some portion of the Sun and appearing as a black orb when viewed from Earth. The eclipse can be partial or annular but during a total solar eclipse, the moon appears larger in diameter than the Sun causing all the light to be blocked going through a complete darkness.

Meanwhile, all viewers are warned to never look directly at the sun with the naked eyes, thus people must use sunglasses, binoculars or telescope to witness the said total solar eclipse.

Based on the report, an estimated 60,000 people are expected to witness the eclipse above Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef from cruise ships, hot air balloons, boats and beaches. On the other hands,  Tourism Queensland Acting CEO Leanne Coddington said thousands of people, including scientists, astronomers, eclipse chasers and tourists from around the world, would be in the region to see the eclipse.


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