Charlie Sheen $100k Taxes for Lindsay Lohan


A report says that Charlie Sheen paid Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to cover her tax debt. Is it true? Accordingly, Lohan’s tax mishap started when she failed to pay to pay close to $100k in 2009 taxes.

The report also say that Linday Lohan changed management teams and tax bills were lost in the shuffle. Apparently, the two became close in September when they were both shooting for Scary Movie 5.

We’re told Charlie offered to cut her a check (during filming) and there to get the IRS off her tail, but Lindsay refused. Fast forward to last week — sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, Lindsay’s biz manager received a check from Charlie for $100,000.

In addition, we’re told Lindsay was blown away by Charlie’s generosity — and immediately applied the money to her outstanding tax bill. Lindsay allegedly owed Uncle Sam $233,904 in unpaid taxes for 2009 and 2010 — but thanks to Charlie, that number’s nearly been cut in half.

And unless  Charlie Sheen’s money was loan, more taxes may be due from Sheen or Lohan. After all, when someone pays your debt you have income and the IRS gets a piece.  And this only means that Lohan would owe around $35k in taxes just for Sheen’s $100k payment.

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